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People love WordPress, and indeed it's a good product, but it's not the right product for every site. WordPress sites can be slow, cumbersome, highly insecure and overly complicated for sites that don't require all its plugins and modules. Our clients kept asking us for WordPress sites, though most knew almost nothing about it except that everyone else was using it. The truth is more than half of them didn't need it and wouldn't benefit from it. Additionally, few realized how unstable it would become when they would try to update it.

There are a number of CMS platforms out there, and each has its merit, but we wanted to create something simpler, easier to use, more nimble and free of all the extra software and bloat that comes with all the other platforms. What we came up with is a highly appreciated product that is incredibly easy to use and doesn't require any platform at all. It's MadeSimple!



We re-engineered how a CMS should work. We created a live, on-page editor that shows you exactly what affected your changes have on the page, while you're making it. It's easier than using Microsoft Word. No heavy database, no need to work in code mode, no fussing about with formatting that just doesn't seem to work. Make changes directly on the page, save your changes, and if you like the way it looks click publish. All while on one page. No going back and forth using menus, no complexity, no hassle. Navigate as you would normally using your site's navigation, get to your page, make changes, done!

Now YOU can update your site as you would a Word document from anywhere in the world without the need for your web guys!


  • Rich WYSIWYG editor so you can edit your site as you would in MS Word
  • Live on-page editing, see your changes on the page while you edit
  • SEO optimization tool for every page
  • Manage page content independently from other page elements so you don't affect anything you don't want to
  • Add new pages quickly and easily
  • Modify site-wide elements such as your navigation or footer
  • Navigate through your site as you would in any browser, no menus to go through
  • Make all your content changes without ever leaving the page you are editing
  • Quickly replace images, videos, audio, banners, links and any other elements of your site
  • Cloud based, secure access anytime from anywhere